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The Lion King in London, Disney’s Award-winning Musical 

Experience the Circle of Life at The Lion King In London Musical

Since opening at the Lyceum Theatre in 1999, The Lion King stage musical has enthralled over 16 million visitors on London’s West End. Based on the 1994 Disney film, The Lion King is a spectacle of lavish costumes, unique puppetry, and timeless music that brings the Serengeti to life on stage. This award-winning theatrical production continues to be one of London’s most popular musicals for audiences of all ages.

Disney’s The Lion King London is now in its 24th triumphant year at the Lyceum Theatre in London and is also on tour across the UK and Ireland. 

The Lyceum Theatre dates back to 1834, but the current theatre opened in 1904. The 1904 renovation saw the auditorium almost completely rebuilt. After 25 years of presenting a variety of acts, Christmas pantomimes and a series of melodramas presented by the Melville Brothers, the building was closed in 1939 facing demolition. Fortunately, it was rescued and reopened in 1951 as the Lyceum Ballroom, a Mecca Ballroom which saw many famous bands perform through the 1970s, including The Who, The Police, Led Zeppelin, U2, Bob Marley and the Wailers. It closed again in 1986 but was restored to theatrical use in 1996, including the addition of an orchestra pit.

The Lion King In London Show Info & Tickets

The Lion King in London musical’s West End runs Tuesday through Sunday with matinee and evening performances. Runtime is 2 hours 30 minutes including intermission. 

Ticket prices for The Lion King in London vary by date and seat location, ranging from £45 for rear balcony seats to over £130 for premium front stall seats. Booking well in advance is recommended as performances often sell out.

 Check for ticket deals online and you can also purchase verified tickets from platforms like The West End Shows or London Theatre Direct. Stay alert for potential Lion King ticket scams and only buy from authorised sellers.

The Lion King London Theatre & Seating

The Lion King in London is staged at the Lyceum Theatre, a grand venue designed in 1834 with a stunning façade and elegant interiors. The 2,000-seat Lyceum Theatre is located on Wellington Street in the heart of the West End theatre district. 

The Lion King in London features seating on 3 levels: Stalls, Royal Circle, and Balcony. Tickets range from premium front stalls to rear balcony seats. When booking, check the seating plan carefully to see the vantage point. Seats in the centre section rows D-H of the Stalls offer an ideal view of the stage. The Royal Circle also provides excellent elevated views.  If on a budget, the rear Balcony still allows you to enjoy the show’s breathtaking visuals.

 In the Stalls, the view of the stage is obstructed by the overhang of the Royal Circle from Row T onwards, but the Stalls generally offer a good view of the stage, with a rake from Row C.

In the Royal Circle, the view of the stage is slightly obstructed by the overhang of the Grand Circle from Row P onwards. The Royal Circle offers good views.

The Grand Circle is set very high in this theatre.

Where is The Lion King in London?

The Lion King is at the Lyceum Theatre. The Lion King started its record-breaking run of performances at the Lyceum Theatre in 1999.

The Lion King In London Tickets

Witness the circle of life in Disney’s long-running and multi-award-winning musical at the Lyceum Theatre. The Lion King tickets are available on London Theatre Tickets now.

After the 1994 The Lion King film, the show became one of the most successful pieces of entertainment in history. Director and designer Julie Taymor crafts a colourful, imaginative and highly creative world that brings the flora, fauna and animals of Africa to life, set against a timeless score by Elton John and Tim Rice, with songs like “Can You Feel the Love Tonight.”

The Lion King in London songs incorporate six different African languages: Swahili, Zulu, Xhosa, Sotho, Tswana, and Congolese, into the lyrics. The first line of “Circle of Life” says “Nants ingonyama bagithi baba”, translating to There’s a lion, father. Lebo M, Julie Taymor, Mark Mancina and Hans Zimmer provide original songs.

Over 200 puppets bring the majesty of the Serengeti Plains and the evocative rhythms of Africa to life. The Lion King musical is unlike anything ever before seen in musical theatre and will redefine your expectations of what theatre can be. The Lion King London continues at the Lyceum Theatre.

What’s The Lion King In London is about?

The Lion King is about a young lion cub named Simba. He’s the prince and heir of Pride Rock. During the musical, Simba goes on a life-changing journey through the Pride Lands but must defeat Mufasa’s brother Scar who dreams of ascending to the throne. Can Simba face the world and roar louder than ever before?Tickets to The Lion King are available now. Book your Lion King tickets today.

The Magic of Disney’s The Lion King Stage Musical 

The Lion King in London stage show brings the beloved film to life through spectacular masks, puppets, costumes and set designs. The innovative theatrical techniques transport the audience to the plains of Africa. The story follows the adventures of young lion cub Simba as he grows up, discovers his destiny as king of Pride Rock, and learns valuable life lessons about responsibility, bravery and what it means to take your rightful “place in the circle of life.”

Key moments like the iconic opening number “Circle of Life,” the comical “Hakuna Matata,” and the emotionally-gripping “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” are performed live to accompany unforgettable scenes. The groundbreaking vision of director Julie Taymor resulted in a Tony Award-winning Broadway production now replicated flawlessly in London’s West End.

With humour, heart and awe-inspiring stagecraft, The Lion King musical has thrilled over 100 million worldwide. A visit to London’s West End is incomplete without experiencing this cultural phenomenon. Allow the rhythm of the pride to awaken your imagination at The Lion King.

From Hollywood to the West End, The Lion King has been an enduring success since 1994. Taking the famous story of Simba and his turbulent ascension to king, the stage show is a one-way ticket to the Pride Lands. With mesmeric scenery drawing you in, you’ll almost feel part of the action as you journey through Simba’s world. To bring The Lion King to life, the show’s original director, Julie Taymor, combined live performers and innovative props. Creating a visual feast that’s since redefined how musicals could and should look, The Lion King is an all-singing, all-dancing affair.

Why is the Lion King a Roaring Success

Since it debuted in 1997 at the Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis, Minnesota, The Lion King has become the highest-grossing musical in history. As well as breaking Broadway running records, the show has taken the West End by storm. Today, with more than £8 billion grossed internationally, The Lion King is an undeniable success. Even for those who aren’t inspired by the story of Simba, the show remains a musical hit. Why? For many return viewers, the staging and styling are simply unrivalled. According to The Guardian’s Michael Billington, the show remains “kaleidoscopically brilliant” to this day. With the heart of the Serengeti beating in time with musical magic from Elton John, Lebo M and Tim Rice, audiences can’t help but feel part of the action. Indeed, as birds swoop down the aisles and giraffes glide across the stage, everyone is immersed in this Disney fantasy.

Find Out Why the Lion King Continues to Reign Supreme

With the hype surrounding Disney Pictures’ 2019 reimaging of The Lion King, interest in the stage show is bigger than ever. Fortunately, securing the perfect seats for this aesthetic masterpiece is easy. With a few clicks, you can get the best seats in the house right here and immerse yourself in one of the most stunning West End musicals available today.

What the Lion King Critics Say

Even after 20 years of enthralling audiences worldwide, The Lion King continues to impress those that are notoriously difficult to impress: “A radical piece of theatre, a world that is fiercely non-literal, often to moving and wondrous.” David Gritten – The Telegraph. “The Lion King’s absolute theatricality is astonishing.” TimeOut Magazine. “The show was, and is, a shrewd synthesis of global Avant-Garde techniques. It provides a feast for the eyes.” Michael Billington – The Guardian.