Moulin Rouge! London Tickets

Moulin Rouge Musical Tickets London

Piccadilly Theatre box office offers Moulin Rouge Musical tickets in London. Get information about the  Piccadilly Theatre London events’ best seats, seating plans, and theatre addresses. Piccadilly Theatre box office,16 Denman Street, London. Click here to book your tickets

Moulin Rouge! The Musical London is based on the Academy Award-winning Baz Luhrmann film of the same name and is at the Piccadilly Theatre. Moulin Rouge! The Musical tickets are available at The West End Shows website now.

Indulge in the lavish and extravagant theatre adaptation of the critically acclaimed Moulin Rouge! film, now playing in London. You can purchase your tickets to this mesmerizing spectacle on

Featuring the iconic performances of Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor as the star-crossed lovers Satine and Christian, respectively, the film is a part of Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Red Curtain’ trilogy, which includes Strictly Ballroom and Romeo & Juliet. Moulin Rouge! garnered nine Academy Award nominations and was the first musical in a decade to be nominated for Best Picture, cementing its place in cinematic history.

The pre-Broadway world premiere of Moulin Rouge! captivated audiences in Boston before heading to the Al Hirschfeld Theatre on Broadway. The show boasts a fusion of timeless classics, such as Elton John’s “Your Song” and Nat King Cole’s “Nature Boy,” as well as contemporary hits in the famous “Elephant Love Medley,” a seamless blend of over 20 popular songs from artists such as The Beatles, U2, Elvis, Dolly Parton, Queen, and more, creating an unforgettable and euphoric moment in theatre.

Moulin Rouge Musical Tickets London

Moulin Rouge! The Musical is not just a stage show, it is a state of mind. The Piccadilly Theatre exterior now features a magnificent, red windmill, paying homage to the iconic Moulin Rouge Paris nightclub. The show’s extravagant costumes, lively choreography, and electrifying pop score create a feast for all the senses that will leave you breathless.

Set in the charming Montmartre Quarter of Paris, Moulin Rouge! The Musical is a lavish production that tells the story of the lovesick writer Christian, who falls head over heels for the dazzling Satine inside the Moulin Rouge. In a world where anything goes, they grow closer, encountering a cast of colourful characters along the way, including the Moulin Rouge’s host, Harold Zidler; the brilliant but starving artist Toulouse-Lautrec; the greatest tango dancer – and gigolo – in all of Paris, Santiago; the tempting Nini; and The Duke of Monroth, a wealthy and entitled patron of the club who believes he can buy anything he desires, even love.

Moulin Rouge London FAQs

Is Moulin Rouge London worth it?

It’s an incredible triumph and we hope it runs for many years to come. It’s inimitable and utterly unmissable.

Why are Moulin Rouge Musical tickets in London so expensive?

It’s no surprise that peak-period Moulin Rouge tickets cost over £250 with a big cast and big presence. Without discounts, the cheapest tickets in London cost just £25, creating a stark price range.

How long does the Moulin Rouge London show last?

approximately 2 hours 45 minutes

Moulin Rouge London Musical is approximately 2 hours 45 minutes with one interval.

Which are the best seats for Moulin Rouge London?

Choose seats in the Stalls before the overhang of the Royal Circle, which starts around row M, to fully appreciate the impressive set that spills out into the auditorium.

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