ABBA Voyage London Tickets.

ABBA Voyage London tickets at  ABBA Arena. Get the best seats and be a super trouper at the state-of-the-art ABBA concert at the ABBA Arena. Click here to book your tickets.

What is ABBA Voyage In London?

ABBA Voyage is a live concert performed entirely by CGI versions of the four members of ABBA. The singers don’t appear in person but have instead recorded their voices and body movements to be transformed into 3D avatars (or ABBAtars).

Together, the reunited couples sing 22 of their greatest hits including Voulez-Vous, Lay All Your Love on Me and Thank You for the Music. They also perform perfectly choreographed dances and play virtual instruments, all the while getting backed by a live 10-piece band.

The show runs every Thursday to Monday with concerts usually taking place at 3 pm or 7:45 pm. In the audience, you can party from a seat, or book a spot on the dance floor in the middle where you’ll find the other dancing queens. You can also hire a private booth for you and your supergroup.

ABBA Voyage is currently running until 26 May 2024, and ABBA Voyage tickets are still available.

How does ABBA Voyage London work?

The four avatars were created and designed by Industrial Light & Magic, a visual effects company responsible for the CGI in the Star Wars and Marvel films. With motion capture technology, Agnetha, Björn, Benny and Anni-Frid appear life-like on stage to perform the full setlist, complete with singing, dancing and piano playing.

All members of the band were involved in the creation of the concert, which makes it unsurprising that the avatars are younger versions of themselves. But with the lighting, sound, and cutting-edge special effects, you’d never know that nearly 50 years had passed since they first stepped onto the stage at Eurovision.

The singing was done by the present-day band members who performed the 22-song set over the course of five weeks while wearing motion-capture suits. The choreography is also based on the Swedes’ real movements but was actually filmed by younger body doubles. Then, on the night, all of this is put together into one seamless projection and is backed by a real band.

ABBA Voyage London Tickets

The concert lasts for approximately 90 minutes with no interval. In that time, the ABBAtars will sing, dance and play their way through the full mega mix from Honey, Honey to Money, Money, Money.


Can I change the date of my ABBA Voyage London tickets?

Unfortunately, we do not offer exchanges or refunds.

What are the rules for ABBA Voyage London?

Food and drink purchased elsewhere may not be brought into or consumed at the ABBA Arena and will be confiscated on entry.

Is there a dress code for ABBA Voyage London?

While there is no official dress code, many people choose to obey the unspoken rule to wear ABBA-themed fancy dress so they can fully immerse themselves in the concert.

Are ABBA Voyage London tickets seated?

Other ticket options include the seated area behind the Dance Floor and the private Dance Booths. Dance Floor standing tickets are billed as the best choice if you want to get closer to the action and feel immersed in the experience of ABBA Voyage.

What are the best seats for ABBA Voyage London?

The best seats in the ABBA Arena depend on the kind of experience you want to have. If you want to have a concert-like experience and dance the night away, you should consider the Dance Booth or Dance Floor. If you wish to have comfortable seating and good views, go for seats in Blocks A to E.

Does everyone stand at ABBA Voyage London?

These tickets are for standing (or dancing) only, so you’ll be closer to the stage than anyone else and free to dance anywhere within the area. Choose from a wide variety of seats at a range of different prices. Pricing is based on the location of the seats, but in our purpose-built arena, every seat is a good one.

Where is the ABBA Voyage Arena?

The ABBA Arena is a temporary building that was entirely purpose-built for this project. It sits in Queen Elizabeth Park in Stratford (where the 2012 Olympics took place) – and with a big light-up ABBA sign on the front, it’s pretty hard to miss.

How to get to ABBA ARENA from Central London: The nearest station is Pudding Mill Lane, which is available on the DLR, but you can also go to Stratford station (on the Jubilee, Central, Elizabeth, DLR and Overground lines) and Stratford International (which has National Rail services).

Some might ask, what are the differences between ABBA Voyage in London, Mamma Mia at the Novello Theatre, and Mamma Mia The Party:

ABBA Voyage London is a concert experience featuring digital avatars of ABBA performing live on stage along with a live band at the ABBA Arena in London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. The avatars are created using motion capture technology and advanced visual effects to resemble how ABBA looked in the 1970s. The show features ABBA’s hits songs with the avatars performing the vocals.

Mamma Mia at the Novello Theatre is a stage musical featuring the songs of ABBA that has been running at the Novello Theatre in London’s West End since 1999. It tells a fictional story about a young woman trying to find her real father before her wedding on a Greek island. The show features all the major ABBA hits woven into the original story.

Mamma Mia The Party is an immersive dining experience also set to ABBA songs and the world of Mamma Mia. Audience members are treated as guests at a Greek taverna on the island of Skopelos. While enjoying a Mediterranean meal, they are entertained by an interactive show featuring singing and dancing to ABBA music. The show weaves in elements of the Mamma Mia musical storyline and characters.

By and large, ABBA Voyage London is a high-tech concert experience, Mamma Mia the Musical is a long-running stage show, and Mamma Mia The Party is an immersive dining experience – all celebrating ABBA’s music in different ways as live entertainment in London.


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